12 Weeks of Sorting Out Your Hormones And FINALLY Getting Rid Of That Belly Through Ultra-Personalised Support

  • Are you on the brink of achieving your ideal weight but finding the last few kilos stubbornly resistant? Perplexed why you’re suddenly bloated out of nowhere and your weekly Pilates routine isn't giving you the usual results? Are you wondering why what worked before isn't as effective now?
  • Have you been an A+ student working towards your health goals but feel like your body isn’t cooperating as it used to? Are you battling mornings where you can’t get out of bed because your energy is at an all time low, only to be wide awake at the end of the day when all you want is sleep?
  • Do you feel like your body's starting to wave a white flag, your stress levels are skyrocketing, and you know deep down that even a truckload of Botox and weekend escapes won’t fix it anymore? 

You are not alone!

If you're nodding in agreement to these questions, you're not alone. In fact, the 'State of Menopause' study in 2021 revealed that 73% of women don’t treat their menopause symptoms, a clear indicator of the widespread challenges faced during this phase.

 As someone who has navigated these waters, I understand what you're going through. I'm here to guide you through this transformative journey with a program specifically designed to address these issues. Let me introduce myself and explain how my expertise and personalised approach can help you overcome these hurdles.

You are not alone!

If you're nodding in agreement to these questions, you're not alone. In fact, the 'State of Menopause' study in 2021 revealed that 73% of women suffer in silence and don’t treat their menopause symptoms. Let's not be one of them!

As someone who has navigated these waters, I understand what you're going through. I'm here to guide you through this transformative journey with a program specifically designed to address these issues.

The Joys of Midlife 🙄

Midlife brings a host of challenges, from menopause and weight concerns to the echoes of childhood trauma. It’s a phase where self-care often takes a back seat to the demands of family, work, and even pets.

No one understands this better than me. That’s why I created The Midlife Makeover, where I’ll navigate you through a thorough approach to addressing all the confusing topics of midlife body changes - from bloating to hot flashes, 4 AM anxiety and wobbly thighs. You name it, we'll conquer it – together - backed by the latest scientific research using strategies DESIGNED for OUR age’s best results!

Imagine if...

🤩 You shattered those stubborn weight loss plateaus that have held you back for years, effortlessly adapting to your body's changes.
🤩 You discovered the real reasons behind your cravings, leading to healthier, more satisfying dietary choices.
🤩 You established boundaries effortlessly, reclaiming precious 'me-time' in your hectic schedule, saying 'no' more often.
🤩 You enjoyed restful, rejuvenating sleep every night, free from sweaty pyjamas and waking up in a foul mood.
🤩 And much more, all through a program that's 100% customised to your unique body and lifestyle needs during midlife.  

Or, you stay in the comfort zone aka your sofa with a glass of red in your hand, doing nothing and ...
😕 Find yourself stuck in the same frustrating cycle of increasingly tighter trousers and unsolved health puzzles.
😕 Still disappointed by generic diets and exercise plans that are not taking into account the unique changes your body is going through.
😕 And your days and nights remain disrupted by hormonal imbalances, affecting your mood, energy, and overall quality of life.  

Are you ready to embrace a change that's not just effective but also personalised just for you?

This isn't just another program. This is your chance to transform your life with solutions that are as unique as you are, specifically designed for women navigating the complexities of midlife.

Why work with me?

My method is DIFFERENT because for 12 weeks I’ll be by your side walking the bumpy midlife road together with you. This will give me a first-hand insight into how you live your life. Unlike other coaches, who follow a standard template, my approach is highly personalised, uncovering WHY the same things keep happening and WHAT’S causing it. Because let’s be real, if you were aware of the underlying issue, it would have been resolved by now. Be prepared that this journey is going to be LIFE-CHANGING!

I'm a problem-solver going further by immersing myself INSIDE your lifestyle to collaboratively address challenges. My standout feature is the creation of a bespoke lifestyle protocol tailored explicitly to you. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a precision-crafted plan designed to align seamlessly with your unique circumstances, ensuring sustainable and meaningful results.

I’m not just your coach; I’m your dedicated “partner” on this transformative mission. Your success is not just another number on my spreadsheet - it's something I'm personally invested in. I'm a firebrand when it comes to making sure you hit your goals, and I 100% respect and cherish your unique needs and dreams.

We’ll do this together but ultimately I’ll empower you to continue the journey with the confidence that you’ve set yourself up with the right structure and tools to be - and stay - the healthiest you’ve been in years.

"Dear Kristina, your support and patience are outstanding. You are a wonderful person. With your help, I could start very well, rediscovered myself as a person, and was delighted with the progress both health-wise and physically. The beginning is made, and I will definitely continue on this path because it does me so much good. I can only recommend you to everyone."

Schweinfurt, Germany
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What Sets This Program Apart?

Ready to take a bold step forward, investing in your personal empowerment with zero doubts or hesitation? You've been taking care of everyone else. It's time to take care of yourself!

The Deep Dive You’ve Needed for YEARS to FINALLY Create Sustainable Results

Our journey begins with a Wellness Deep Dive setting the stage for your entire program's success.

My 1:1 program is the only program where we delve deep into what's going on genetically in your system, enabling us to create a customised solution based on your family traits to uncover the underlying factors that are stopping you from releasing those unflattering fat pockets you’ve accumulated over the years (and make you look like your mother). You won't find this level of detail in any self-paced or group program you may have done before!

We Get Laser Sharp On Your Goals

Next, we’ll get laser sharp on where you want to be at the end of the program. There won’t be any vague wishes like “I want to be healthy”. We’ll get clear on your goals and motivation behind them.

Here are three of the most common goals my clients end up accomplishing in this program: shattering weight loss plateaus that had them stuck for years. Uncovering the reasons for their constant cravings and kicking them to the curb. And finally, establishing boundaries, saying 'NO' more often and carving out some much-needed 'me-time' in their busy schedules. 

Your New Routine Is Tailor-made for YOUR Life Making it Super Easy to Maintain

I’ve checked back with my clients six months after working with me and they continued to lose weight and breeze through their new routines as if they’ve always lived their lives like this.

I designed the curriculum in this program up to completely adapt to your lifestyle, making it impossible for you to mess up your health journey moving forward.

You’ll know EXACTLY how to stick to this plan. It’s going to feel natural and not forced because it makes you feel so good.

I’ve Got Your Back With 100% Accountability, Perfected With German Precision

I'll closely monitor your food choices, mood changes, and lifestyle, stepping in when things start to wobble with motivating feedback and helpful ideas, to ensure you stay on the path to success, never straying too far from your goals.

II'll help you discover patterns and intolerances, like why you're always wide awake at 3 AM after enjoying that delicious Caprese salad at your favourite Italian.

We'll be the dynamic duo, tackling those midlife hurdles with a strategic plan and a balanced approach that'll leave you feeling like a health superhero with a map to success.

We're Going Beyond The Surface By Addressing Deep-Rooted Pain and Trauma

But we won’t leave it there. We’ll break through your internal blocks with the Transformational Trauma Technique (TTT), a powerful method designed to address and overcome negative beliefs, providing healing if you’ve experienced trauma in your past, unravelling negative beliefs, challenging the idea that time alone heals all wounds. 

You Cultivate Lasting Change With A Method Based on Science

My method is based on neuroscience providing a solid foundation to shine a light on stubborn habits like always “needing” a piece of chocolate after dinner (even though you know that your gurgling tummy is keeping you up all night as a result), ensuring tangible results you can keep even on a bad day.

"I am loving the program and the zoom sessions. They are very interesting and an opportunity to share how we feel and gain some great information. Kristina, you do an awesome job of facilitating these Zoom calls. The program has definitely exceeded my expectation and helping me to get back on track with my health!  I really appreciate your help. I am loving taking control back of my health. Nothing worked previously, and I was getting worse and confused about what approach to take e.g. keto, count calories etc. I was getting to a point where I was tired, exhausted and unmotivated. Plus, I totally didn't recognise or like who I saw in the mirror. You just want to hide away and that makes it worse...”

Brisbane, Australia
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Hey there! I’m Kristina – Transformational Nutrition Coach and Digestive Health Expert. I know the ins and outs of the midlife rodeo us women go through that make us feel like we are STILL PMSing but now 24/7 from wild menopausal hormones, years of restrictive dieting that has finally yo-yo-ed's its way right into our gut, metabolism and mental health.

I’ve been on that rollercoaster right along with you. I went from feeling depressed and hating my body in my 40s to wearing cropped tops that show off my flat tummy in my 50s (who cares if it’s age appropriate or not?! 😉).

But it wasn’t easy to get there following all the typical health industry advice from personal trainers and women’s magazines. I was so confused about carbs and cardio, depressed about the little food I had on my plate, and tired from the many hours I spent at the gym. I learned the hard way.

Fuelled by societal standards, I almost crash dieted myself into an eating disorder, completely destroyed my gut through restrictive dieting and wrecked my metabolism with draining - yet ineffective workouts - until I discovered the RIGHT formula DESIGNED for a woman’s changing mid-life body that gave me the best figure I've had in years, allowed me to enjoy my favourite foods again, and freed me from hitting the gym every day.

My 180 degree experience motivated me to study nutrition, hormone management, and get up to date on ALL the scientific research for what REAL, sustainable fitness, gut health, and hormone balance in midlife need to look like for women just like you and me.

I’m not just a certified health coach; I absorbed (and keep up-to-date on) every possible study, podcast, article, report and book on gut health, weight loss, fitness and menopause to give you a proven system that will save you time, money and frustration.

The industry can steer us so wrong and cause dangerous nutrient deficiencies, over-use to our bodies with age-inappropriate workouts and so many more perpetuated myths that actually send us backwards. I vow to help women take control of their bodies, hormones and health and wake up every morning in a body that is fit for midlife and beyond.

“Kristina's kneads together her extensive knowledge of science and nutrition with all the goodness and finesse you would expect from a seasoned expert. Let's face it. Even small changes can be hard! She guides you through the process with a warm humanistic touch, taking great care to meet you exactly where you are - educating and encouraging every step of the way! My husband and I managed to improve our gut health, reduce toxins, and still enjoy our favourite foods - with a nutritious twist!”

Lisbon, Portugal
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How Does a High-Level Coaching Experience with Me Look Like?

Welcome to my ultimate 12-week program! My clients rave about it, and for good reason. This is my highest level package, where you get the most results. It's your ticket to feeling your best, energised and ready to rock your midlife. 

You'll get

  • 11 x weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions (40 minutes each) where we’ll create and fine tune your personalised midlife system that fits your life like a glove (and won’t have you bending over backwards trying to follow unrealistic plans)
  • 1 x Transformational Trauma Technique session (60-90 minutes) to release emotional blocks that stem from the past and prevent you from breaking free of harmful habits like soothing your nerves with Shiraz and chocolate truffles (this session can be replaced with a conventional session)
  • 12 weeks messenger support for any questions you might have between sessions 
  • A custom-made nutrition plan that'll have your hormones singing and your tummy grinning, which is tailored to your genes and where you are on your menopausal transition. Whether you're a master chef or a pizza queen, we'll make sure your taste buds are happy and your digestion is on point
  • Workout review with customised exercise routine: specifically designed to alleviate those nagging back, knee, and shoulder discomforts that tend to pop up more often during menopause and crafted with your changing body in mind, ensuring you stay active, pain-free, and strong.
  • Prepare for a full-blown wellness experience with workout videos, tailored handouts and bespoke practices like my Keto Boost and Fat Burner Fast to overcome stubborn weight loss plateaus, my Gut Healing Protocols to soothe inflammation and food reactions, exercises for hurt backs and other injuries and so much more.

Plus, I'll Give You Access To My Two Most Popular Signature Programs
....but customised to fit your unique needs and goals!

8 Weeks To Successful Weight Loss Facing Menopause

The program that helps you say goodbye to stubborn belly fat without excessive workouts or always saying no to your favourite dessert! You'll get  customised meal plans, easy-to-follow workout videos and essential mindset tools to jumpstart your weight loss success.

Nutritional Cleanse
& Gut Reset

My maintenance program guiding you through the time "after the diet", establishing solid routines and manifesting what you've learned in the 8-weeks program with effective tools to get back on track whenever you need a reset.

This Program Is Perfect For You ...

  • If you're in your 40s, 50s or 60s looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle (and cut back on those nightly reds) with a simple and hormone-friendly routine that will take you into old age full of vitality. 
  • If it’s not just your bloated belly that’s bothering you but also your declining fitness levels and those fluctuating menopausal hormones that already cost you 2 dress sizes and you’re longing for a straight-forward solution, that’s easy to implement. 
  • If the daily circus of midlife and juggling unrealistic expectations make you want to crawl back under the duvet most mornings and you’re looking for a sparring partner to face and restructure this new phase in your life together. 
  • If you feel like you tried everything from weekend retreats to morning meditations, but nothing seems to work because you’re always stressed no matter what and you’re ready to work on the real trigger for your daily meltdowns. 
  • If you’re looking to lose a significant amount of weight and want to continue the journey after my 8-week program, you want more support, don't know how to start or reached a plateau that you want to break through with a qualified coach. 

This Program is NOT for You If...

  • You're not ready to invest in yourself and your wellbeing. This program is designed for women who are committed to feeling lighter, not just physically but also mentally with a spring in their step and a newfound love for life, who are ready to take the plunge and dive in it together.
  • If you've got an excuse book thicker than an encyclopaedia, not willing to take charge of your life. Long-lasting health requires commitment and dedication. This program is designed for women ready to overcome challenges and stay focused on their goals, open to trying a new approach and receiving guidance.
  • You're looking for a quick fix and overnight success. While this program might feel like magic for some participants, it's only because they followed my guidance and recommendations, and they actively participated and adjusted their lifestyles accordingly.

“Kristina has a very beautiful personality and has with gentleness, understanding, an open heart and always open ear, much knowledge and many ways of support led me through my weight loss and health journey. After I had tried unsuccessfully for most of my life, I have now finally achieved truly remarkable results. So much reason to highly recommend Kristina and to celebrate her and the achievements.”

Sydney, Australia
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“Kristina has helped me understand and work through why I haven't been able to make changes to my lifestyle. She has given me tools and advice that I will now frequently refer too, to help my lifestyle be a positive and happier. She listened to my needs and asks and the follow ups were tailored to what I could use to make positive changes.she has a wealth of knowledge and is able to interpret it to a level I understood. Thank you for helping me understand my worth and that I deserve happiness. 🩶

London, UK
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I’ll customise our sessions to your stage in life - pre, during, or post-menopause. From adjusting your diet to syncing your exercise routine and relaxation techniques, I will tailor everything to your unique hormonal needs, ensuring optimal results for your 40s, 50s and beyond.

We’re kicking off your wellness journey with a nutritional cleanse to reset your baseline and harmonise your hormones. Every week, we’ll have a 40-minute one-on-one coaching session to check on your progress, tackle any hurdles, and fine-tune your plan to fit your goals. These sessions are a powerful blend of learning, motivation, and practical advice to implement changes and adjust your lifestyle for success. Plus, you’ll have unlimited email support, access to custom handouts, exercises, and any other resources you need to support you along the way.

Participants have reported significant improvements in various aspects, in particular shattering weight loss plateaus that had them stuck for years, uncovering the reasons for their constant cravings, or establishing boundaries, saying 'NO' more often and carving out some much-needed 'me-time' in their busy schedules.  

My sessions are tailored to your menopausal transition, helping you dial in your nutrition and exercise so that you’re no longer battling with sleepless nights or short fuses.I help my clients create easy to follow routines that they’re still using 6 months, 12 months or years later because they provide structure and reduce overwhelm from the conflicting health advice they get elsewhere. My focus is on creating lasting habits, ensuring that you benefit from the  positive changes you experience not only during the program but they become second nature to you.

The Transformational Trauma Technique (TTT) is a powerful method designed to address and overcome negative beliefs, providing healing for women experiencing deep-rooted pain and trauma. It complements traditional psychology without replacing it. TTT aims to efficiently eliminate past trauma by unravelling negative beliefs, challenging the idea that time alone heals all wounds.

This technique draws from diverse methodologies, offering a holistic healing process. Sessions start with a guided meditation that leads you into a relaxed state where we can begin to work on breaking down old beliefs, like that you’ll always be fat or don’t deserve happiness. We then explore the root source or memory that is protecting your body from losing weight, breaking negative habits that are holding you back on your health journey, or making you sabotage your achievements. Together, we process those emotions in a safe and healing space so that we can create a new understanding of why we do the things we do and finally begin to release the past so that we come back to our day-to-day life with the confidence to overcome past obstacles.

As a certified TTT practitioner, I’ve helped clients look at childhood events that were haunting them all their lives and give them a completely new meaning. One client had such a massive shift that she finally conceived her first child in her early 40s after years of trying. Another one cleared a block that helped her overcome her binge eating.It’s a truly powerful method.

This program is all about nourishing your mind and soul, especially during the tumultuous years leading up to menopause and the transition itself. Plus, emotional strength and weight loss go hand in hand!

With my powerful questioning technique, I’ll gently guide you to get to the core of your issue. This could be as part of our weekly coaching session or through the Transformational Trauma Technique that addresses past emotional pain and trauma.  

I’ll equip you with mindfulness practices, stress management techniques and breathing exercises that come in handy when you regularly find yourself flip flopping between sobbing in the bathroom and ripping people’s heads off. Together, we’ll explore effective strategies to overcome emotional triggers, helping you stay grounded, reduce anxiety and chronic stress or emotional eating.