Energise your body, reset your gut, and get that gorgeous glow!

Detox your body and jump start a healthier life in just three weeks

How would it feel if you could look and feel fabulous without compromising on delicious food or feeling hungry all the time?

Imagine you could get up in the morning full of energy, and it would stay that way all day. Every time you pass a mirror, you’re overjoyed because you’ve got your youthful glow back with radiant skin and shiny hair. Your immune system is better than ever, and you’re no longer catching every cold coming your way.

This cleanse will give you all of this by introducing you to an easy and sustainable way to nourish your body with precisely what it needs to support you in your busy life.

Flushed Toxins

More Energy

Radiant Skin

Improved Mood

Less Weight

Immune Boost

Ready for heaps of energy?

This Program is Perfect for you

If you’re trying hard to lose a bit of weight but nothing works.
 If you’re looking for guidance on sustainable wellbeing rather than a quick fix.  
If you’re always feeling tired, sluggish and stressed out.  
If you’ve overindulged a little too much in the past.  
If your skin looks tired and is lacking that gorgeous glow

Why This Cleanse is Different

With the Transformational Nutrition Cleanse, there is no fasting, no shakes, no starving and, best of all, no unpleasant side effects. Each step serves to support the body’s natural detoxification process by nourishing it so that it can do its job more efficiently and effectively.

It is designed for people who lead a super busy life – like YOU! Every step of every day on the cleanse has been planned out for you so that you can simply go on autopilot and follow along. There are no complicated routines or confusing instructions.

Why you need a detox

The world has become a toxic place, and that has had a devastating impact on our bodies and health. Toxins have saturated our lives. They’re in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat. They’re in cosmetics, perfume, alcohol, smoke, medications, and cleaning products.

Over time these toxins build up in your body and overcome its natural ability to cleanse and detoxify itself. You may experience weight gain, fatigue, constipation, fuzziness, lack of interest in people and things, headaches, bloating, and many other symptoms. And this is only the beginning.

Ready for heaps of energy?

“The plan Kristina put together is great! I was nervous about the length of the cleanse and whether I could stick with it, but Kristina explained the reason behind 21 days and offered yummy recipes and support throughout.

I was surprised by the spike in energy I had during the cleanse, and I feel great!”

Sales Manager from London

“The cleanse totally exceeded my expectations. Kristina provides amazing support and is highly dedicated and passionate which totally shines through. I loved the holistic approach which I had not seen before. I loved the weekly Skype which was full of great information and was very interactive. I felt fantastic!”

Single mum from Brisbane

“Diese ganzheitliche Cleanse hat mir geholfen, den Start zu einer gesunden Ernährung zu meistern. Die wöchentlichen Calls mit der Gruppe und Kristina haben mich motiviert und unterstützt.
Dank Kristina weiss ich nun wieder, wie wunderbar es sich in einem gesunden Körper lebt”

Student from Sankt Gallen

What to expect during the 21-Day Detox

Here’s everything you need to know about your journey to better health, more energy and radiant looks

Getting Started

Your cleanse starts with a detailed onboarding video where I talk you through all handouts and guides to make sure you know where to find everything.

We’ll then look at the recommended supplements, and I’ll help you order the right ones for you. They are optional and I have discount codes for most dispensaries to keep your costs at bay.

Detox Your Mind

When you start any cleanse, things inevitably come up. You might find yourself dealing with old emotions that you’ve been storing up for years. Cleansing your mind of these thoughts is crucial. I’ll provide you with a list of inspiring ideas to work through and gently push them out of your mind.

Pre Cleanse

For one week before you wish to start the full program, allow yourself to wean off of harmful foods and bad habits. Now is the time to start reducing your intake of caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and sugar.

The prep-week is a good time to order your supplements, plan your grocery shopping and to remove all ‘bad’ food from your kitchen so that there’s no temptation. Once you’ve eased into the program, you’re ready for the next step: Detoxing your body, mind and soul.

Detox Your Body

This vital part of the detox is tailored around flushing out toxins and nourishing your body. You’ll look at your eating habits, learn how to incorporate movement into your life and treat yourself with skin-loving pampering sessions that support the release of toxins. You’ll also find out how to avoid toxic overload and sustain health long-term.

Detox Your Soul

During this part, you’ll explore what you’re really hungry for. You’ll learn how to bring peace, contentment and calmness into your everyday life, even if your time is limited.



  • Mini Guide with the top 3 mistakes people make when detoxing
  • How you can avoid them
  • Optional upgrade to Self Study



  • Comprehensive step-by-step Cleanse Guide with everything you need to know to complete the program successfully
  • 21-Day Meal Plan with delicious recipe ideas for all three weeks
  • Extra tools and tips for dining out, travelling and grocery shopping
  • Optional upgrade to a 60 minute 1on1 intensive to discuss your personal questions further



  • Comprehensive step-by-step Cleanse Guide with everything you need to know to complete the program successfully
  • 21-Day Meal Plan with delicious recipe ideas for all three weeks
  • Extra tools and tips for dining out, travelling and grocery shopping
  • Weekly Zoom call and access to a private community


A nutritional cleanse is a combination of whole foods and supplements that focuses on nourishing the body instead of depriving it. A nutritional cleanse supports the detoxification process by providing the body with the nutrients it needs, at the time it needs them to properly eliminate toxins. In addition, it excludes toxins and foods that commonly cause allergies and congestion in the body such as dairy products, soy, gluten, and sugars.

Caffeine disturbs glucose metabolism and elevates blood sugar levels. It disrupts liver and endocrine gland function and exhausts the adrenals. It can cause nervousness, irritability, loss of sleep, and can cause heart rhythm disturbances/ palpitations. It may also exacerbate the symptoms of PMS. Caffeine can also contribute to fibrocystic breasts. It weakens muscles and can interfere with immune function. It causes an increase in stomach acid production and can aggravate ulcers. The consumption of caffeine causes the body to demand extra minerals, particularly potassium. An increased incidence of some cancers may also be related to caffeine. So, for a detox program, it is best to avoid caffeine

When detoxing, women tend to get pregnant easier simply because their body is primed and ready to host a baby. This cleanse was used with women who have had a difficult time getting pregnant and afterwards they conceived very quickly. Using a back-up method is an extra precaution I like to give women if they are on the pill to make sure that none of the cleansing processes interferes with this pharmaceutical, thus preventing a surprise pregnancy.

This all depends on your personal goals and priorities. The program isn’t primarily for weight loss. While most people lose a bit of weight, some do it to detox and gain energy. I can help you tailor the program for your needs.